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White grape skin tannin for fermentation and cellaring
Red Must, White, Rosé, Red
Scott’Tan™ Uva’Tan Soft is made entirely from white grape skin tannins. They are extracted directly from fresh grapes after pressing to avoid the oxidation of the polyphenols. These highly reactive tannins are characterized by very low astringency. Like Uva’Tan, Uva’Tan Soft can be used in fermentations as well as in cellaring and finishing. During fermentations Uva’Tan Soft can be useful when the grapes’ natural tannins are insufficient and softness is a concern. Postfermentation it can be used to stabilize color, soften structure and provide antioxidant protection. Used prior to barreling it can improve integration of tannins. Additions of Uva’Tan Soft should be made well in advance of bottling (six weeks at least) for a more complete polymerization. Additions closer to bottling may still have a beneficial effect but filtration throughput will likely be reduced. At low dosages, Uva’Tan Soft will optimize the aging potential of white and rosé wines.