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L-Malic Acid Unitab Reagent (=LMA):  An enzymatic test kit for determination of L-malic acid in grape juice, fermenting wine, and other liquid samples and other samples.  Contains enzymes, substrates and buffer components in tablet form and as aqueous solutions and suspensions.    

Each reagent tablet is dissolved in 5 mL of Malic Acid Buffer, permitting the user to prepare only as much working reagent as required for daily use.  One drop of Trigger (start enzymes Malate Dehydrogenase and GOT)) reagent is sufficient to initiate the reaction. ) reagent is sufficient to initiate the reaction.

L-malic acid is present in grapes, apples and other fruit and vegetables. In grape juice, its concentration drops from (as high as) 8 to perhaps 1 g/L in grape must as the ripening process proceeds; L-Malic levels, along with sugar concentration, are typically used to gauge ripeness for wine production. Up to 30% of the malic acid may be consumed by yeast fermentation. A secondary fermentation is typical in wine; L-malic acid is converted to L-lactic acid and carbon dioxide by lactic bacteria. Mali-lactic fermentation can be prevented by filtration and increased sulfite.