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D-Glucose/Fructose UniTab Reagent (=GF):  An enzymatic test kit for determination of total D-glucose plus D-fructose (reducing sugars) in grape juice, fermenting wine, and other  samples.     

Contains enzymes, substrates and buffer components in tablet form; each reagent tablet is dissolved in 5 mL of deionized water, permitting the user to prepare only as much working reagent as required for daily use.  One drop of Trigger (startenzymes Hexokinase and PGI)) reagent is sufficient to initiate the reaction.  The D-Fructose Standard, provided in addition to the D-Glucose Standard, is of particular benefit in monitoring the (slower) PGI mediated reaction.

Reducing sugars are the predominant soluble components of soft fruits, with sucrose in low amounts.  D-Glucose and D-fructose are the predominant reducing sugars in grape and other fruit juices. The ratio of glucose to fructose in mature grapes is "1", but ranges from 0.74 - 1.12 according to variety, maturity and fermentation conditions.  In 'stuck fermentations', D-Fructose often predominates, since D-Glucose is the preferred energy source for yeast.