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Ammonia UniTab Reagent (=AMM):  An enzymatic test kit for determination of ammonia in grape juice, fermenting wine, and other liquid samples.  Contains enzymes, substrates and buffer components in tablet form and as aqueous solutions and suspensions. 

Each reagent tablet is dissolved in 5 mL of deionized water, permitting the user to prepare only as much working reagent as required for daily use.  One drop of Trigger (start) reagent is sufficient to initiate the reaction.  This reagent is linear to approximately 180 mg/L.  Ask about our "Extended Range AMM" reagent kit, linear to 350 mg/L (with sensitivity to 10 mg/L)

Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen compounds in juice are made up of Ammonia Nitrogen + Primary Amino Nitrogen.  Typical total YAN compounds range from 40 - 560, expressed in mg Primary Amino Nitrogen mg/L. Lower limits of 35 mg/L L-Arginine and 50 - 70 mg/L Total Nitrogen (YAN) have been recommended.  Scroll down, to see our Primary Amino Nitrogen (PAN) UniTab Reagent kit. 

  • Yeast and M-L Bacteria require available nitrogen for effective fermentation. 

  • Nitrogen status of must is monitored to ensure sufficient Nitrogen sources to sustain yeast and lactic bacteria fermentation.  Nitrogen content of grape juice may be supplemented, e.g. with diammonium phosphate (DAP.) 

  • Low Ammonia Nitrogen & PAN levels have been associated with sluggish fermentation and sensory imperfections.

  • Routine and excessive nitrogen supplementation should be avoided, since residual nitrogen supports the growth of unwanted wine spoilage organisms such as Brettanomyces, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Acetobacter, etc.