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• Condensed tannins extracted from of red fruit tree wood.

• Significantly enhances red fruit aromas such as cherry, fresh berries and black currant.

• Increases softness, structure and “sweetness.”

Recommendations: Red fruit aromas; freshen aromas; structure; rosé and red wines.

Dosage: 0.5-5 g/hL (0.04-0.4 lb/1,000 gal)

Enartis is constantly looking for new botanical species and raw

materials (wood, leaf, seed, etc.) to obtain tannins with unique

sensory characteristics. Developed by Enartis, the Unico range

is a unique line of tannins with no close matches in the market.

Why are Unico tannins different from other tannins?

The extraction, as well as the spray-drying, is made at low

temperatures (approx. 20°C or 68°F) and low pressure. This

unique process, proprietary to Enartis, extracts flavors of the raw

material and prevents loss of aromatic compounds and formation

of off-flavors caused by high temperatures. Unico tannins have

intense, distinct aromas that account for the lower addition rates

compared to normal enological tannins.