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Superfood® provides the nutritious supplements yeasts need for growth and survival during the anaerobic stress of fermentation, in doses that are most advantageous. Successful winemakers use Superfood because they know they can rely on it, and can trust the results. They often say that Superfood works better and solves fermentation problems more easily than other products. Superfood, containing a variety of nitrogen sources, is MUCH better for yeasts than just DAP and better than other blends. Superfood includes 32.5% DAP, but most nutrient blends have much more DAP (45% up to almost 100%). Why is there such a difference? When Lisa Van de Water formulated Superfood in 1986, her philosophy was to provide more of the complex ingredients yeasts need to balance inorganic nitrogen additions, and less DAP. She decided that it was much more important to emphasize highly effective doses of complex ingredients, because wineries can add extra DAP as needed.