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Blend of inactivated yeast and yeast hulls rich in polysaccharides, SpringCell Color was specifically developed to act on the intensity and the stability of the color of red wines, with long term ben efits.

Polysaccharides help the stabilization of the tannin-anthocyanin complexes and reduces the level of free anthocyanins.

Significant softening of the most astringent tannins due to the coating action of the polysaccharides on the green tannins. Improves the roundness of red wines.

Supplies support, organic nitrogen and survival factors which are used by the yeast during fermentation.

Application: To be added before inoculation of red wines.

Packaging: 500 gram packet and 10 kg box.

Recommended Dosage: 1.5–2.5 lb/1,000 gal. 20 – 30 g/hL.