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Smooth vanillin American oak qualities
Red, White
Scott’Tan™ Riche Extra was specifically developed from 100% American oak. This proprietary tannin contributes nuances similar to Riche but with heightened perception of vanillin oak character. It works well in conjunction with low doses of other tannins (e.g. Complex, Estate, FT Blanc). Riche Extra can help smooth a wine’s finish.
Recommended Dosage
White Wine
50–100 ppm 5–10 g/hL 0.42–0.83 lb/1000 gal
Red Wine
50–200 ppm 5–20 g/hL 0.42–1.6 lb/1000 gal
Dissolve Riche Extra in about 10 times its weight of warm water (35–40°C/95–104°F) then add it to the wine and mix well. Good homogenization is important. Final additions should be made at least 3 weeks prior to bottling. After additions, proceed with normal racking.
Dated expiration. Unopened, the shelf-life is 5 years at 18°C(65°F). Once opened, keep tightly sealed and dry.