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For extraction of aroma precursors in red and white grapes
Rapidase® Revelation Aroma contains α and β-glycosidase activities to breakdown glycosylated aroma precursors. It helps release varietal aromatic precursors for intense and complex aromas. It is known for respecting varietal character and has been described as increasing thiols in whites and terpenes in reds.
Crushed Fruit 15–22 g/ton
Juice 1–1.5 g/hL (35–55 g/1000 gal)
Wine 1–2 g/hL (35–70 g/1000 gal)
Crushed Fruit 20–25 g/ton
Juice 2–2.5 g/hL (70–90 g/1000 gal)
Wine 2–2.5 g/hL (70–90 g/1000 gal)
*Note: Revelation Aroma can be hindered by high sugar. The addition of a small dose after the alcoholic fermentation can give best results. See wine doses above.
Dissolve Rapidase® Revelation Aroma in 10 times its weight in water, stir gently, allow to sit for a few minutes. Sprinkle over crushed fruit or add to the juice before the start of alcoholic fermentation for best results.
Dated expiration. Store refrigerated at 4–8°C (40–45°F).