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  • This compact, lightweight, dip-style refractometer is ideal for measuring Brix concentrations in beverages, sauces, cutting oils, and more. Calibrate the unit with ordinary water, dip in your sample and press the start key; measurement is displayed in 2 seconds. Take continuous measurements — once the start key is pressed, readings update every second. Automatic temperature compensation corrects for variations in sample temperature. Prism head is IP67 rated; housing is IP65 rated for water resistance. For non-homogenous samples, use the refractometer to stir the sample until the readings stabilize. External Light Interference (ELI) feature alerts you when ambient light conditions are too intense for accurate readings. Simply shading the prism head with your hand solves the problem.
  • Min Brix Range (%)0
  • Max Brix Range (%)85
  • Resolution0.1% (Brix)
  • Accuracy±0.2% (Brix)
  • Response Time (Sec)2
  • Max Temperature Compensation (° F)212
  • Min Temperature Compensation (° F)50
  • Max Temperature Compensation (° C)100
  • Min Temperature Compensation (° C)10
  • Battery TypeAAA Battery (1)
  • Length (cm)15.88
  • Width (cm)3.81
  • Depth (cm)1.75
  • DescriptionDip-Style Digital Refractometer