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Specific preparation of yeast cell walls with a high sapid peptide content for premium red wine fining (Patent EP 1850682) (Yeast cell walls, inactivated yeasts).

OENOLEES®, the result of LAFFORT®'s research on the properties of yeast lees and their importance in wine, contributes toward improving organoleptic quality in wine by:

 Reducing aggressive sensations: the cellular envelopes have a refining action that promotes elimination of certain polyphenols responsible for bitterness and astringency.

 Increasing sweet sensations: OENOLEES® has a high content of a specific peptide fraction that is released naturally by yeasts during autolysis and has an excessively low perception threshold (only 16 mg/L compared to 3g/L for sucrose).

Dosage: 200 - 400 ppm.