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Since 1997, Cork Supply has partnered with Nomacorc, LLC, to provide wineries in North America, Australia and South Africa with the world’s finest synthetic closures.

Manufactured using a patented co-extrusion technology, Nomacorc® closures are engineered to deliver predictable and consistently low oxygen transfer rates, and styled to preserve the traditional ceremony of opening a bottle of wine.

We offer a complete line of Nomacorc closures designed for short-, medium- and long-term aged wines. Our wide selection of sizes, chamfering and colors (including wood grain) enhances wine packaging, design, and supports custom printed artwork. Moreover, all Nomacorc closures are plant-based, low to zero carbon footprint and 100% recyclable. Select Green is zero carbon and offers 3 different OTR's to choose from, all uniformly priced, with red wine preservation guarantees up to 15 years. Our latest innovation, Nomacorc Reserva is intended for super premium wines with preservation guarantees up to 25 years.

Cork Supply is proud to offer Nomacorc – the most innovative closure brand in the world.