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Brettanomyces spp. control agent
No Brett Inside® is a commercial preparation of Chitosan that was introduced by Lallemand and is distributed exclusively in the North American market by Scott Laboratories. No Brett Inside specifically targets Brettanomyces cells. The active ingredient, Chitosan, works in two ways. The Brettanomyces cells are adsorbed onto the chitosan and settle out of the wine. In addition to the physical effect there is a biological effect which results in cell death. This double action of No Brett Inside will help to control contaminating populations helping to preserve wine quality.*
*No Brett Inside should be added post-ML.

Recommended Dosage
40–80 ppm 4–8 g/hL 0.33–0.67 lb/1000 gal
9–18 g/60 gallon barrel
Suspend No Brett Inside in 5 times its weight in cool water (No Brett Inside is insoluble, so it will not go into solution). No Brett Inside can be added during a pumpover or tank/barrel mixings to ensure a homogenous addition. Leave the No Brett Inside in contact with the wine for 10 days and then conduct a clean racking.
To determine the effectiveness of your addition, a period of 20–30 days post-racking should be respected before microbial analysis. This is irrespective of the method used; traditional plating, microscopic observations or RT-PCR.
Dated expiration. Store in a dry, odor-free environment below 25°C(77°F).
Note: This product contains ingredient(s) currently listed by the TTB as acceptable in good commercial winemaking practices in 27 CFR 24.250. For more information please visit