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MANNOFEEL® is the result of global research by LAFFORT® on Mannoproteins to identify and understand the mechanism of action and production. The selected mannoproteins in MANNOFEEL® significantly increase the perception of volume, roundness and length on the palate.

 Participates in tartaric stabilization of wine.

 Pure product, 100 % mannoproteins.

 Natural compound present in wine.

 Respects the freshness and fruit in wine.

 100% soluble with an immediate action.

 Participates in stabilizing the coloring matter.

 Excellent filterability; MANNOFEEL® does not change the filterability of wine.

Dosage: 25 - 150 mL/hL (950 - 5700 mL/1,000 gal).

Sensory Analysis by Dominant Temporal Sensation (DTS).

This new method for sensory analysis allows the description of the evolution of wine in time for mouthfeel and the dynamics of perceptions in the course of the tasting.

The sensory evaluation (below) of the products has been made by a panel composed of 18 experts at the LACO Laboratory (COFRAC accredited accreditation No. 1-0522). Six sensory descriptors underwent evaluation: astringency, tannic intensity, sweetness, roundness associated with the mouthfeel, bitterness, and acidity.