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MANNOSTAB® contains the only mannoprotein naturally present in wines with the ability for potassium tartrate stabilization: MP40. It is enzymatically extracted from the yeast cell wall according to a patented process (Patent No 2726284) which preserves and ensures the tartaric stabilization capacity of MP40.

 Inhibition of potassium bitartrate salts crystallization.

 Treatment organoleptically neutral to the wine.

 Natural compound already present in the wines.

 Stabilizes white, rosé and red wines; still and sparkling wines; filtered and non-filtered wines.

 No waste, no water or energy consumption.

Dosage: 100 - 300 ppm.

MANNOSTAB® is now available in a liquid form.

Dosage: 50 - 150 mL/hL (1890 - 5700 mL/1,000 gal).