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Yeast activator facilitating malolactic fermentation (MLF) onset, restart, and accelerating fermentation kinetics.

 Combines nutritional elements (inactivated yeast, support elements) and detoxification agents (yeast cell walls) and thus:

* Optimizes lactic acid bacterial survival (by adsorbing short or medium-chain fatty acid-type inhibitors),

* Encourages lactic acid bacterial activity (by supplying them with nitrogen compounds which they directly assimilate).

 Can be used on all types of wine.

 Composition formulated to optimize the supply of amino acids essential to the bacteria (glutamic acid, valine…) while reducing the quantities of biogenic amine precursors of amino acids (histidine, tyrosine).

 Also rich in vitamins required by the bacteria and in minerals (magnesium and manganese) which are essential co-factors for enzymatic function.

Dosage: 300 ppm.