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A yeast extract derived from selected strain of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae particularly suitable for the nutrition and multiplication of bacteria strains (Oenococcus Oeni). The R&D Division of ATPGroup developed this nutrient with the specific goal of ensuring a fast start an d completion of malolactic fermentation in particular on wines where limiting factors can affect malolactic. Malo Nutribact is rich in complex polysaccharides and micro elements able to improve bacteria multiplication and resistance with the ultimate goal of ensuring fast and complete malolactic fermentation.

Protect bacteria cell.

Stimulate multiplication.

Improve cell strength.

Speed up completion of malolactic fermentation.

Application: Both red and white wines. To be used at beginning of malolactic fermentation.

Packaging: 1 kg bag.

Recommended Dosage: 0.8 – 2.1 lb/1,000 gals.