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Lactoenos B28 PreAc is a Pre-Acclimated strain of Malolactic Bacteria, specifically selected for high alcohol wines. Lactoenos B28 PreAc is particularly well-adapted to late co-inoculation, which ensures medium dominance (in regard to spoilage micro-organisms) for Malolactic Fermentation triggering towards the end of fermentation. It is particularly effective (resistant and active) on any type of wine presenting multiple difficult conditions (thermovinification wines, basic wines used for sparkling wines).
Specifications and Oenological Applications of Lactoenos B28 PreAc are:
  • Good resistance to medium-chain fatty acids (C8 and C10).
  • Rapid onset of malolactic activity even in difficult conditions.
Recommended Use:
  • Inoculate as soon as possible. There are several inoculation methods:
    • Early co-inoculation (bacteria inoculation 24 – 48h after the alcoholic fermentation start), technique more and developed that we advise for its many advantages like the optimisation of bacteria efficiency.
    • Late co-inoculation (inoculation at 1020 – 1010 density).
    • Sequential inoculation.
  • Do not use opened bags.
  • Use a container inert and clean. Mix 1 L of mineral water and 1 L of wine et 20°C for 50 hL dose. Dilute energizer, and then add the Lactoenos B28 PreAc dose. Homogenize and let it rest for 30 minutes in early co-inoculation & 12 hours at 20°C in late co-inoculation or sequential inoculation. Add to the tank.
  • Maintain the tank temperature throughout the MLF (at about 20°C).
  • Respect the volume of wine indicated on the bacteria dose (50hL).