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Gelatin for gentle fining of structured red wines
Inocolle Extra N1 is a powdered proprietary formulation of high molecular weight gelatin protein. It can rapidly reduce turbidity, removing colloids which otherwise might precipitate later in the wine. Inocolle Extra N1 has an affinity for polyphenols and will enhance the aging potential of wine. Wines are polished while mature phenolic compounds associated with balance and structure are preserved. Recommended Dosage Bench trials recommended
50–100 ppm 5–10 g/hL 0.4–0.84 lb/1000 gal
Mix Inocolle Extra N1 in 5 times its weight in warm water
(35–40°C/95–104°F). Mix thoroughly. Introduce gradually into the wine making sure the temperature of the solution is maintained throughout the transfer. Mix vigorously to ensure even treatment. 
Racking should be done after 1 week.

Note: Maximum clarification is achieved after 1 week. This is when filtration is most productive. For wines to be aged, a second racking 1 week after the first racking will produce the best results. It is not recommended to leave gelatins in wine for more than 30 days.

Dated expiration. Store in a dry, odor-free environment below 25°C(77°F).