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Protects juice and wine from standard oxidation and the effects of Botrytis infected grapes.

Acts as an aid during clarification to enhance fruit character in white wines.

Can be added to heavily Botrytis affected reds in conjunction with Color-Tan.

Selectively reacts with proteins and reduces the activity of laccase and tryosinase on anthocyans and polyphenols, lowering the risk of oxidation.

Acts as a taste corrector, especially when in the presence of Botrytis affected fruit.

Application: To be used on Botrytis affected fruit and at any stage that a wine may be exposed to oxidation.

Packaging: 1 kg and 25 kg drum.

Recommended Dosage: 0.4 – 1.2 lb/1,000 gal. 5 – 15 g/hL.