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Guarantees rapid, complete fermentation while preserving the typycity of the grape variety. Strain n° 7013 selected in the Corbières region by INRA, Narbonne, France. Fermivin® is a starter yeast that guarantees the vinification of all types of wine. Fermentation kinetics- Short lag phase, rapid and steady kinetics. Sugar/alcohol yield- 16.5 g sugar for 1 % alcohol. Technical characteristics- Optimum temperature range: 15 to 35 °C (59 to 95 °F).- Alcohol tolerance: 14 % in standard conditions, 16 % in presence of nutrients supplying nitrogen.- Resistance to free SO2: 50 mg/l.- Low foam production. Metabolic characteristics- Average to high glycerol production, 6 to 8 g/l.- Low volatile acidity production, generally less than 0.15 g/l.- Low acetaldehyde production, less than 20 mg/l.- Low H2S production.- Low SO2production, less than 10 mg/l. Low production of superior alcohol (wines suited to distilling). Partially breaks down malic acid (20 to30 %) and thereby encourages the onset of malolactic fermentation. Has a good ability to ferment clear must. Phenotype: neutral to killer factor.