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Origin: Strain n° SM102 selected in the Cognac region of France and tested by DSM Oenology. Application: Fermiblanc®Arom has been selected for producing white wines with floral aromas (acacia and hawthorn).Fermiblanc®Arom is suited for producing base wines for distilling brandy (Cognac). Wine making qualities: Fermentation kinetics- short to medium lag phase, moderate and regular kinetics. Sugar/alcohol yield- 16.5 g sugar for 1% alcohol. Delays malolactic fermentation. Technical characteristics: Optimum temperature range: 15 to 25 °C (59 to 77 °F). Alcohol tolerance: 12 % Resistance to free SO2: 50 mg/L. Low foam production. Metabolic characteristics: Average glycerol production, 6 to 7 g/L. Low volatile acidity production, generally less than 0.15 g/L. Low acetaldehyde production, less than 20 mg/L. Very low H2S production. Low SO2production, less than 10 mg/L.