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Specific to lees aging for the production of rounded wines.

 Preparation of pectolytic enzymes and b- (1-3 ; 1-6) glucanase secondary activities.

 Brings roundness and suppleness in wines by releasing a larger quantities of molecules derived from the yeast.

 Improves the filterability of wines especially in case of Botrytis pressure.

Dosage: 60 - 100 ppm.

Preparation of ß-(1-3) beta-glucanases and pectolytic enzymes, purified in CE for the improvement of wine filterability and ageing on lees. -EXTRALYSE® accelerates all biological mechanisms linked to yeast autolysis and in particular the release of molecules responsible for roundness and volume on the palate derived from ageing on lees. -Limits the risks of contamination of wines during maturation by considerably reducing the amount of micro-organisms in suspension. -Reduces maturation duration whilst retaining the organoleptic potential derived from the use of lees. -Helps the fining and cleaning of wines. -Improves clarification and filtration, especially on wines from botrytised grapes.