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Macerating enzyme to improve pressability of white grapes
Rapidase Extra Press is a macerating enzyme for white grapes.
It is a liquid pectolytic enzyme with essential side activities that help weaken berry cell walls to facilitate juice release and to reduce viscosity. Use for improving pressability on hard-to-press varieties such as Muscat and Thompson Seedless, as well as on slipskin varieties such as Niagara.
Recommended Dosage
Crushed Grapes 10–50 mL/ton (1–1.2 mL/hL)
Juice Best before fermentation
Wine Best before fermentation
Dilute Rapidase Extra Press in 10 times its weight in must or water prior to addition. Then add to the grapes while filling the press.
Dated expiration. Store in the refrigerator at 4–8°C(40–45°F).