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• Yeast cell walls, grape seed tannins and ellagic tannins. Releases large quantities of readily soluble mannoproteins.

• Specifically designed to favor anthocyanin/tannin condensation during fermentation, it increases color intensity and stability.

• Promotes bright and clean aromas, builds-up mid-palate, softens astringency and balances mouthfeel.

• The best choice for color stabilization and sensory optimization of wine.

Recommendations: Color stability; fruity aromas; improve mouthfeel; roundness, volume and structure; flash-détente; red and rosé wines.

Dosage: 150-400 g/ton

PVI/PVP is an adsorbent co-polymer (polyvinylimidazole and

polyvinylpyrrolidone) capable of removing metals in wine such

as copper (Cu), iron (Fe) and aluminum (Al) and binding with

phenolic compounds, substrates of oxidative reactions. By

removing catalyzers and precursors of oxidation reactions, PVI/

PVP is an excellent wine stabilizer and limits oxidation reactions.

Blends of PVI/PVP and yeast cell walls, Enartis Pro FT and Enartis

Pro XP are excellent antioxidants and improve wine stability,

ageing potential and shelf life.