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 Provide during yeast rehydration the essential elements of the yeast membrane (long-chain fatty acids and ergosterol) and ensure membrane fluidity, alcohol tolerance and higher efficiency of the sugar and nutrient transporters until the last yeast generation.

 Significantly reduce production of VA and H2S.

 Promote MLF onset (the yeast produces fewer compounds inhibiting malolactic bacteria because they undergo less stress).

 In nitrogen deficient musts, an additional supply of ammonium salts or organic nitrogen (i.e. NUTRISTART® ORG or NUTRISTART®) remains essential.

 To be used particularly in cases of potentially high alcohol degrees, white wine fermentation with low turbidity and low temperature, and for yeast starters for restarting fermentations.

Dosage: 200 - 300 ppm (increase the dosage for potentially high alcohol musts).

To be added into yeast rehydration water.