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For superior clarification of juice
White, Rosé, Fruit, Cider, Mead
Cold Mix Sparkolloid® NF was developed by Scott Laboratories to clarify and fine juice. It is a blend of polysaccharides with a carrier and has a strong positive charge. This positive charge neutralizes the repelling charge of particulate matter, allowing aggregation and formation of compact juice lees. Cold Mix Sparkolloid NF does not remove desirable color constituents and works well with pectolytic enzymes. It is especially useful on hard-to-clarify non-vinifera juice.
Recommended Dosage
125–250 ppm 12–24 g/hL 1.0–2.0 lb/1000 gal
Mix 1–2 gallons of water per pound of Cold Mix Sparkolloid NF. Slowly stir the Cold Mix Sparkolloid NF into the water. Agitate the blend with a high-speed mixer until all of the translucent globules of clarifier have been dissolved and the mixture is smooth and creamy. Add the mixture slowly to the juice and thoroughly combine. It will react rapidly but for optimal results we recommend you let it settle one week or more, depending on the volume of juice involved. After-wards, filter, preferably from the top of the tank. Juice generally separates and forms a clear supernatant within 48 hours. Once mixed and chilled (if the juice has been heated), juice should be left undisturbed without further mixing if natural settling is going to be the only separation method.
Keep tightly sealed and dry. Shelf-life is 4 years at 18°C(65°F).