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• Bentonite, PVPP, potassium caseinate and silica.

• Prevents and treats oxidation, browning and pinking.

• Improves aromatic cleanliness and reduces bitterness.

Recommendations: Improve cleanliness; treat oxidation; reduce browning; reduce bitterness.

Usage: Dissolve in 10 times its weight of cold water. Allow to swell for 3-6 hours. Stir constantly during addition.

Dosage: 30-150 g/hL (2.4-12.6 lb/1,000 gal)


“We started using Claril SP while experimenting with hyperoxidation four vintages ago. Since then, Claril SP has become an SOP for all our hyper-oxidized juices. Up front it helps with settling, lees compaction, and of course color, but in the long run we are making consistently cleaner and better tasting wines that require less work in the finishing stages.” - Samantha C. Taylor,

Assistant Winemaker, Hope Family Wines