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CELSTAB® is a solution of cellulose gum, a highly purified polymer of vegetable origin (from wood) with a low degree of polymerization and lower viscosity. Its liquid formulation at a concentration of 100 g/L facilitates its incorporation in wine.

 Intended for wine stabilization in relation to potassium bitartrate crystallization.

 CELSTAB® is a highly purified cellulose gum. Its composition is uniform (only one peak - HPLC).

 Inhibits microcrystal nucleation and growth phases (through disruption of surfaces responsible for the formation of crystals).

 CELSTAB® has a very high inhibitory power (by optimal degree of substitution), and allows stabilization of highly tartaric-unstable wines.

 CELSTAB® is the liquid CMC with the lowest SO2 concentration on the market.

In the case of use on red or rosé wines, there is a strong risk of CELSTAB® interacting with coloring matter potentially leading to the formation of haze and/or a precipitate. On rosé wines, we recommend to systematically test for crystallization (6 days at -4°C) before use.