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• Solution of Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC).

• Stabilizes against tartrate precipitation over long-term and inhibits the formation, growth and precipitation of potassium bitartrate crystals.

Tip: If used to stabilize red wine, needs to be combined with

Maxigum to stabilize color.

Recommendations: Tartrate stability; white, rosé and sparkling wines.

Dosage: 100-200 mL/hL (3.8-7.6 L/1,000 gal)

“Tartaric stability has always been a challenge in winemaking and sometimes is a source of tough decisions right before bottling. Last year, we started encouraging and assisting our customers to use in-line dosing following the final filter; Cellogum L for white wine and Maxigum and Cellogum L for red wine. This practice implied considerable savings in terms of economy and time.

Thanks to Enartis, we are happy to provide this convenient tool to winemakers to help them achieve perfect stability in the bottle without the concern of blockage of membranes.“

Matteo Meglioli, Enologist at Viniserve (Canada)