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To help prevent oxidation and for the removal of oxidized wine components
White, Rosé, Fruit, Cider
Caséinate de potassium is used in both juice and wine for the treatment of oxidized phenolics and bitter compounds. In juice it can be used preventatively, while in wine it can diminish and remove off-compounds. Further, Caséinate de potassium can help remove yellow color from oxidized wines.
Recommended Dosage Bench trials recommended
500–1000 ppm 50–100 g/hL 4.2–8.4 lb/1000 gal
200–1000 ppm 20–100 g/hL 1.7–8.4 lb/1000 gal
Mix the Caséinate de potassium in approximately 10 times its weight of cold water. Allow the solution to stand for about 4 hours. Stir to remove any lumps. For juice, add the Caséinate de potassium solution before settling or at the start of alcoholic fermentation. For wine, add the Caséinate de potassium solution gradually during pumping over or via fining connection. Mix vigorously after adding the Caséinate de potassium solution. Minimum contact time is 2 days, maximum is 15 days.
Dated expiration. Store in a dry, odor-free environment below 25°C (77°F). Once hydrated, Caséinate de potassium will not keep for more than 48 hours.