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Torulaspora delbrueckii Chardonnay, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Late Harvest The Torulaspora delbrueckii isolate Biodiva was initially sold in North American in a kit (Level2TD) in which it was partnered with a specific S. cerevisiae strain. Based upon market feedback, the Biodiva isolate is now available by itself. Winemakers can match it with a compatible S. cerevisiae strain of their choosing for both red and white wines. The result is that winemakers can now mimic the best of wild fermentations in a controlled setting. Biodiva is very tolerant to osmotic shock, making it well adapted for fermenting late harvest and icewine. S. cerevisiae strains compatible with Biodiva are 43, BDX, ICV D254, RC212, Rhône 2056, QA23 and VRB. Biodiva MUST be used in conjunction with an S. cerevisiae strain. Following an inoculation of Biodiva (Torulaspora delbrueckii) with an inoculation of an appropriate S. cerevisiae leads to an increase in ester levels while helping to promote a complete and clean fermentation. Resulting wines commonly have more intense aromas, mouthfeel and complexity. Usage Before inoculation, make sure molecular SO2 level is under 0.2 mg/L and turbidity is >80 NTU. Inoculate at 25 g/hL. Rehydration of Biodiva is at 30°C(86°F). After 15 minutes, stir gently. Slowly combine an equal amount of juice into rehydration solution to avoid cold shock. Total rehydration time should not exceed 45 minutes. After 1.5–3° brix drop add selected S. cerevisiae with standard yeast rehydration protocol. Please visit our website for full usage instructions. Storage Store for up to 24 months at 4°C(39°F). Use immediately once opened. Note: The optimum temperature for Biodiva is >16°C(61°F). If the must/juice is under 16°C(61°F) it could result in a long lag phase, slow growth of the yeast, and other problems.