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Aroma releasing enzyme for white, red and fruit wines
Scottzyme® BG is a powdered pectinase with beta-glucosidase side activity for the release of bound terpenes. It is generally used in white wines, but may also be used in red and fruit wines for the release of aroma and flavor compounds. Scottzyme BG should be used only in wine, not must or juice. Scottzyme BG should only be used at the end of fer-mentation. The glucosidase activity is inhibited by sugars. The wine should have less than 0.5% residual sugar for proper enzyme activity. Bench trials are highly recommended before using.
Recommended Dosage
Crushed Grapes Juice Wine
Not recommended Not recommended
3–5 g/hL 114–190 g/1000 gal
Powdered enzymes tend to scatter across water or wine. It is best to add just enough cool 21–25°C(70–77°F) water to Scottzyme BG to create a paste. Then add more cool water to dissolve the enzyme completely. It is now ready to be added to the wine. Make sure you have gentle motion in the tank to disperse Scottzyme BG. Use only on wine because the glucosidase activity is inhibited by sugar.
Store at room temperature for 1–2 years. Once opened, keep tightly sealed and dry. Once hydrated, use within a few hours.