BETA CO-INOC Malolactic Bacteria

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O. oeni for use in co-inoculation
White, Red
Specifically selected by Lallemand for reliable performance in coinoculation of wines with pH > 3.2. Not recommended for use in a sequential MLF.
Beta Co-Inoc is added to the juice/must 24–48 hours after yeast inoculation and before alcohol reaches 5% (v/v). Recommended temperature at inoculation is between 18–25°C(64–77°F) and recommended ongoing temperatures are between 15–28°C(59–82°F). Total S02 at crusher should not exceed 80 ppm.
Wines that are co-inoculated result in more fruit-forward wines as diacetyl is consumed by the yeast and bacteria.
Note: In co-inoculation, the health and success of the primary fermentation are keys to success. Factors such as pH, turbidity, temperature and nutrition must be considered. If the primary fermentation is sluggish or stuck, it may be necessary to add lysozyme. This is especially important if the pH is over 3.5. Beta Co-Inoc is not recommended for wines with alcohol potential >15% (v/v).