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A specific combination comprising a natural fungal polysaccharide, chitosan, lysozyme and an enzymatic blend made from pectinases and ß-glucanases, for the microbiological management and control of wines.

 Microbiological protection of white, red and rosé wines after fermentation.

 A wine vinification tool for use in a SO2 reduction sequence.

 Slows down or halts in-progress MLF or prevents its activation.

 Synergistic action by ß-glucanases and lysozyme on lactic acid bacteria, particularly ropy pediococcus (as enzymatic action on polysaccharides can create a widespread barrier around the bacteria and interfere with the action of lysozyme).

BACTIControl® is neutral in taste and prevents organoleptic deviation due to degrading microorganisms.

 Improvement in the clarification and filterability of wines.

Dosage: 150 - 200 ppm.