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Multi-purpose cleaner and tartrate remover
Tanks and Equipment

Cleanskin-K is a 100% active, water soluble, multi-purpose potassiumbased cleaning product for use in the winery. This carbonate formulation uses the power of oxygen to effectively clean stainless steel and associated materials. Cleanskin-K can be used in tanks, presses, destemmers, juice channels and more to remove tartrate crystals. Secondarily, it is effective at removing wine color, protein and organic soils. In addition to the potassium carbonate, Cleanskin-K also contains proprietary percarbonates, chelation and sequestering aids, polysurfactants and a rinse aid, to leave your surfaces bright, clean, neutral and spot free.
Recommended Dosage

1–4% w/v (See chart)
Cleaning is most effective when soft or treated/potable warm water is used.

Prepare appropriate volume of 20–60°C (68–140°F) potable water (typically 10% volume of the vessel volume you are cleaning), accurately measuring the correct weight of the Cleanskin-K. Slowly add the powder into the water, mixing until a consistent solution is obtained. Initially the prepared solution will appear milky, but will soon clarify. Once the solution has clarified it is ready for use. Cleanskin-K can be used manually, or with automated CIP systems. Contact time is based on water temperature and quality, amount of Cleanskin-K used and turbulence of contact. Average contact time is 20 minutes.

Store in a dry, odor free environment between 10–20°C(50–68°F) away from sunlight.